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Our female Snowcloud German Shepherd DeeDee will be having a litter of puppies on June 27, 2023. If you are interested in a puppy please call Phil today for more information. A deposit is required to hold a puppy for purchase. 406-570-0131.

Snowcloud German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

January 29th we had 11 new puppies arrive from Queenie.  Several colors including Black, White and Black and Tan.

Call Phil at 406-570-0131 for more information and to reserve a pup. 

Snowcloud German Shepherd Queenie and her puppies January 2023
Queenie and her new puppies January 30, 2023

We have puppies still for sale- ready to go to new homes in early December.

For sale we have 4 white male puppies, 2 black female puppies and 1 black male Snowcloud German Shepherd puppy.  

Largest white male puppy is sold – G. Sarris, Boca Raton, FL.  Please contact Phil at 406-570-0131 to reserve a pup or get more information today.

Shawnee has a new litter of Snowcloud German Shepherd puppies which arrived October 14th! Details on the pups will be coming soon. Just in time for a Christmas puppy! Call Phil at 406-570-0131 for more information and to reserve a puppy.

We have four 8-week old puppies ready to go to forever homes- Two Black and Silver Males, one black and tan male, and one all black male.

Please call Phil for more information at 406-570-0131.

Photos of the remaining puppies for sale:

We have the following puppies still available from the litter born March 23 to Shawnee and Rollo:

Three black and silver males
One black male
One black female

Please call Phil at 406-570-0131 for details or to reserve a pup.

Shawnee had 10 pups August 17, 2021.  1 black male, 1 black and silver male, 4 white males, and 4 white females.  These puppies will be ready for new homes from September 28- October 5, 2021. 

Call Phil at 406-570-0131 for more information and to reserve a pup

Shawnee and her Snowcloud German Shepherd puppies for sale
Shawnee and her new puppies- 10 total born Aug 17, 2021

We anticipate having a litter of our straight-back Snowcloud German shepherd puppies arrive in June 2020. We are currently taking reservations. Puppies may range in color from white, black, to black and tan. Males and female puppies should be available. Call 406-570-0131 for more information or to reserve your puppy.

We are currently accepting deposits for our next litter of Snowcloud German Shepherd puppies. Please call 406-570-0131 for more information or to place your deposit.

Shiloh and Cato have been bred and we are expecting a litter of pups to arrive between October 6th and 8th 2019. The pups will be ready for early Christmas pickup on Nov 24th-December 1st.

Reserve your puppy today! One female white pup has been reserved for Williams, of Enumclaw, WA.

Call 406-570-0131 for more information on this litter or to reserve your puppy.