Our dogs are all straight-back Snowcloud German Shepherds

We carefully research and select breeding dogs that bring the best to our bloodlines.  This variety of German Shepherd has a strong straight back, large frame, and wonderful temperament.  Colors are white, black, sable (rare), and brown and black. 

As our adults age out of breeding, we need to find them good homes.  If you’re interested in adopting an adult Snowcloud German Shepherd that was a former breeding dog, please call us.  Please note that we are very careful in the choice of homes for our adopted adults.  We require they go to secure family homes where they will be cared for in the best possible manner.  Adults are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  Please call 406-570-0131 for more information and to see if we have any adults available.

Snowcloud Shawneed (and littermate Queen Lagertha) Pedigree: 

Snowcloud Rollo Pedigree:

Rollo: Snowcloud German Shepherd male born 2019.  

Rollo is my new stud.  He’s 8 months old in this photo. When mature he should weigh about 140#. On his front paws all the nails are black except one- same on the back feet.  He has very black pigmentation and a very white coat.  

Cato: Snowcloud German Shepherd male born 2012.  Retired

Cato has been my stud dog for the past several years.  He is a Mintern, Snowcloud, Flecherheim, with three East German lines.

His pups look very good.  He is a lover and wants to please.  He is gentle with puppies and loves to lay on the floor and let them chew on him-never a growl or snap coming out of him like he knows they are his.

Cato is black with a regular coat.  He weighs 120#+.  Cato’s grandfather (owned by Mintern Kennels) recently passed away- at the ripe old age of 15!  He was still breeding! His age and health are a testament to the quality of life provided to these dogs when they are on the nutrition and nutritional supplements we require.

Cato’s Pedigree papers

Shilo: Snowcloud German Shepherd female born 2011. Retired

Shilo is the third pup I kept of Bear and Isi.  She has a regular coat as well.  She is loving and gentle with her mouth and full of play with all the other dogs.  She is a strong protector and will not be for just anyone.  She has been around a male so won’t be a good choice for a novice. She will only be able to go to the right person and home.  She is 9 years old and in excellent health.

Shilo’s Pedigree papers

Sugar: Snowcloud German Shepherd female born 2010. Retired

Sugar is now retired.

Sugar is from the first litter of Bear and Isi.  She is a loving dog, showing the gentleness of her mother and father.  She minds well on the first command and is an overall great dog.

She weighs up to 110 pounds, is a regular coat with a black nose.

Sugar’s Pedigree papers

Isi: Snowcloud German Shepherd female born 2007. Retired

Isi is now retired.

Isi was my first Snowcloud blood line.  She was purchased from Chaparral Kennels of Ohio. She has a lot of the Old SnowCloud bloodlines in her.  I was told she was from a litter of 19 pups!  I let her mature to the age of two before breeding her.  She is the foundation of my kennel.  She is now retired from breeding, but helps her daughter out with the pups.  Isi loves puppies.

The name Isi is from the Chocktaw language, where it means Deer.  Isi is very funny, in that she has to have a bandana to guard.  She will lay with it like it’s her pup and sleep with it under her chin.

She is an amazing German Shepherd, a wonderful mother, and produced fantastic pups for my kennel.

Isi’s Pedigree Papers

Bear: Snowcloud German Shepherd male born 2009. Retired

Bear is now retired.

I picked Bear up from the airport when he was just 10 weeks old.  He was all SnowCloud-a beautiful and great dog immediately.  He sired many great pups in his time, three of which I kept.  His daughters Sugar, Tink and Shilo.  I retired Bear in 2013 from breeding.

Bear had a gentle way about him but was also protective.  He only allowed me to be around him, his mate, puppies, or in his yard.  I purposely did not socialize Bear with other people because I wanted him to be our guard dog.  He commanded respect but never hurt anyone.

When Bear was four years old he weighed 175 pounds!  Despite his size, he loved to lay his front feet on my couch and place his head in my lap.

Bear’s Pedigree papers