We still have a couple puppies remaining for sale. We have two white male puppies and two black females puppies available. Please call Phil for 406-570-0131 for more information or to reserve your puppy today.

We have Snowcloud German Shepherd Puppies for sale now-

Puppies from Shawnee and Rollo were born on October 14, 2022

Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes December 2-9 2022.

For sale we have 4 white male puppies, 2 black female puppies and 1 black male Snowcloud German Shepherd puppy.  

Call Phil at 406-570-0131 for more information and to reserve a pup

Puppies for sale
The new Snowcloud German Shepherd puppies for sale which arrived Oct 14, 2022

Shawnee has a new litter of Snowcloud German Shepherd puppies which arrived October 14th! Details on the pups will be coming soon. Just in time for a Christmas puppy! Call Phil at 406-570-0131 for more information and to reserve a puppy.

Shiloh had 10 pups on January 29th.  The puppies are all doing well and will be able to go to new home on March 19, 2018.  Please call today for more information or to reserve your puppy!  406-570-0131

White puppies:  2 males, and 3 females (only 1 still available)

Black and tan puppies: 2 females

Black puppies (all are solid black, no white markings): 2 males and 1 female


Call now to reserve your Snowcloud German Shepherd Puppy!  We will have a litter arrive mid-December.  406-570-0131 for more information.

Here are some beautiful pups from previous litters-


Black and Tan Male Snowcloud German Shepherd Puppy

We have some puppies still available for sale!  Please call 406-570-0131 for more information.  

In August of 2015 Samantha Cheney from the Enterprise Paper of Livingston, wrote an article for Montana Best Times newspaper featuring Phil Burgin and the Snowcloud German Shepherds he breeds.