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DOG BLOOM Kalac M38 provides  the proper calcium to phosphorus balance to your meat, plant or grain based diet formula.  You create your dogs food and this supplement will allow you to be sure the diet is providing the essential ratio of calcium to phosphorus for maximum absorption.

This supplement is designed to work with Dog Bloom Super VM Supreme or Dog Bloom VM250 to provide the correct mineral balance for canine diets of meat, grains, and vegetables.Only use with one of the other supplements Dog Bloom Super VM Supreme or Dog Bloom VM250.  It must have the other vitamins and minerals present in those supplements for full effectiveness.   Do not use with commercially prepared dog foods. Dose is  1 teaspoon for each  2 pounds of meat mix.Please contact us to calculate the exact amount for your mix, based on your individual feed formula.  We will hold your formula in strictest confidence.

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